First and foremost Group 1 Building is a fully licensed building company, licensed in all building and pest inspections, as well as pool safety inspections. Group 1 Building is also fully insured with all the necessary cover to give you peace of mind. We will meet you on site with the pest inspector at your convenience to go through a thorough property report leaving you with no doubt on the condition of your property. All of our reports will comply with the Australian Standards for Inspections of Buildings, Part 1 (AS 439, and AS 4349.1 2007).


  • Reports can be done by email or sent to you in book form so you have a hard copy for safe keeping
  • Reports can be done and sent back with in a day and then the hard copy can be sent shortly after



  • Examine all site conditions for drainage from gardens and paths to prevent seepage
  • Leaking gutters or down pipes
  • Tree roots for foundation damage
  • Fences and gates, timber or other
  • Any cracks on the building and if it has movement or structural issues
  • Roof inspection when accessible
  • General assessment of the condition of the outside of the house (paint, windows,etc.)


  • Individual report on every room in the house and its components
  • Condition of everything from carpets to doors and locks
  • Moisture metre used in all wets areas (kitchen and bathrooms) if needed
  • Operational assessment of everything that’s meant to be working (doors, shower screens, roller doors, etc.)
  • General assessment of the condition of the inside (paint, windows, carpet, tiles, cupboards, etc.)
  • Inspection of roof frame and ceiling through manhole when accessible

Safety Check

  • If there is a safety switch in the metre box
  • Smoke alarms
  • Glazing
  • Steps, staircases and hand railings
  • Hazardous materials


In our summary report we will itemise every issue found with a photo to match the corresponding item. We will grade your house with others in the same area of the same age as a guide to the average condition. We will hand you an appraisal that will identify every problem that the house has, so you can buy the property knowing exactly what you are buying and allow you to consult any other trades for their expertise on issues of their field. Group 1 Building will give you a report that gives you peace of mind.