Termite Inspections

Annual Termite Inspections are essential for detecting termite activity to your property and preventing major structural damage and expensive repairs. Annual Termite inspections will also identify any areas that are conducive to termite attack so they can be rectified before a problem arises.

More regular inspections, termite treatments, management programs or even just the reduction of gardens and trees may be advised in high risk areas.

We will thoroughly inspect all accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the property, including all exposed timbers and skirting boards, wet areas, fences, retaining walls, trees and stumps, gardens and PHYSICALLY access roof voids and sub-floors.

We use all the latest equipment above and beyond the industry standards such as – Tappers, probes, moisture detectors, motion detectors, thermal cameras

Our reports are easy to read and have photos detailing the problem that have been identified during the inspection.

We will identify –

– If the property has or has not had any previous termite management systems installed past or present.

– If live termites exist at the property, or if previous termite attack has occurred.

– If there are any areas that are conducive to future termite attack.

– If the surrounding areas are subject to termite attack.